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Listening to this just makes us happy… another great performance brought to us by the folks at Playing For Change.

“The PFC crew is here in Congo recording new songs around the world. On
our second day of filming we met this group of amazing musicians in
Kinshasa and within minutes they where playing us some songs and sharing
their stories. Today’s video is a song titled “Toyeba Yo.”

TP OK Jazz Band in Kinshasa keep the memory of the Immortal Congolese
Guitar player, Franco, alive and well. These musicians truly represent
the soul of Congo and they teach us that even in terrible circumstances
the artist and the musician must rise up to bring joy and hope to all
those who will listen.”


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A new video release from the folks at Playing For Change… love!!! Enjoy!

“Today we are proud to release a new video for our PFC Live Outside
series featuring the song, ‘Loving Home’ performed by Kim Churchill in
the Blue Mountains of Australia. Music connects our hearts and today’s
video reminds us of the power of a song to take our souls on a journey
through time and space. Enjoy the performance and spread the music to
everyone you meet!!”

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Here’s the newest video from Playing For Change…sweet and beautiful.

“Today we are proud to share a new video for our ‘Live Outside’ series,
featuring Louis Mhlanga. ‘Maria’ was recorded and filmed in Louis’ back
yard in South Africa. Sometimes great music is just in the moment, and
today we celebrate these moments together through music.”

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Another great performance from Playing For Change…this one featuring Grandpa Elliot’s soulful singing.

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We’ve been watching this video over and over again. The voice on this young man is amazing…and the friendship between the two teens even more beautiful.

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Love this… with Grandpa Elliot and Clarence Bekker of the Playing For Change band.

“In the summer of 2011 the Playing For Change Band was invited to perform at Jazz Fest in New Orleans. While we were in town long-time friend of the project, Jimmy Buffett, invited us to a jam session on the roof of Margaritaville that rocked into the wee hours of the morning. The PFC Band kicked off the night with this tribute to the people of Japan who have been a affected by this past spring’s Tsunami.”

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This may be one of our new favorites from the Playing For Change folks… beautiful!

“7 Billion People | 7 Billion Actions | 7billionactions.org – By the end of 2011 the world will have reached 7 billion people. The United Nations Population Fund is leading an innovative global campaign to bring awareness to the opportunities and challenges that this milestone presents. But 7 Billion people means 7 Billion hearts. Music has always been the best way to speak to the hearts of the people. Playing for Change has partnered with the United Nations to present an original song around the world to serve as an anthem for such an important time, “United”.

We traveled across the globe, put headphones on musicians, added them to the track, and created a video that can serve as a tangible example of something positive we can all do together as a human race.

Lets inspire each other. Lets everybody get involved and join us on in this journey, so that together we leave this world better than we found it. To learn more about how to be part of the “United” track go to http://7BillionActions.org.”

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