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Dear Friends, Fans and Loyal Customers,After these many years of making chocolates and helping to spread the word on Fair Trade, I’ve decided that it’s time to say goodbye as I move onto other personal endeavors.

Closing up shop…

Coco-Zen will be closing over the next couple of months. Beginning November 1, Coco-Zen will no longer be producing “edible” treats. Only our “wearable” Chocolate Body Treats and a few Green Living items will be available for purchase. These will be available for the remainder of the year or until supplies run out.Sort of…

Several people have already inquired about chocolates for holiday gifting. Since this is a special time of the year, I will be taking some “personal” orders. If you are interested in ordering chocolates for the holiday season, you can email me for information – info@coco-zen.com.New website on Facebook…

Our current website will also be closing, as we migrate everything over to our Facebook Page. There you can visit our Shop to make purchases. We will also continue to post articles and information on Fair Trade and all things “green” that we come across.Lastly, but most importantly…

I want to personally say thank you to everyone. I truly appreciate all the friends and family who have supported me in this wonderful adventure in chocolate. And…I especially want to thank all the wonderful customers that have visited our little shop on the web. Many of you have become friends, sharing knowledge and wonderful experiences in chocolate, Fair Trade and all manners of green living.
It’s been 6 1/2 years since I was inspired to start Coco-Zen (that little face I’m holding in the picture spawned my adventure into Fair Trade and green living), and an amazing time it has been. So, it’s with bittersweetness in my heart that I finally say thank you and goodbye…sort of.
Cheers to all!
Joyce Kushner
Coco-Zen Founder and Chief Chocolate Maker

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We’re going on summer holiday!…

This year, the husband has 7 weeks of sabbatical from work (who gets that anymore??) and we didn’t want to put our little guy into summer camp. So… I decided to close up shop for a couple months, and our little family is taking a cross country road trip to see all that this land has to see. We stuffed the kid into the back of our rental Prius V with all our bags and gear and headed southeast… first destination, Bryce Canyon.

I’ll be posting plenty of pictures on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest and invite you to follow along as we take this amazing cross country journey. I’ll post a blog here and there as time and wi-fi availability allow.

*NOTE: At the time of this post, we are already on Day 5 of our trip. Unfortunately blogging is not going to be so easy from the road. Takes too long to get photos uploaded. Please follow on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!

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