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This is a repost from Feb 16, 2009 – thought video was so inspirational that it was worth reposting…

“This video was created for the AARP U@50 video contest and placed second.”

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“Open minds lead to open doors.”


“Let’s upon our minds to Fair Trade chocolate.”


Coco-Zen Fair Trade chocolates

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Update from Global Exchange:

Halloween 2010: Participate in the Fourth Annual Reverse Trick-or-Treating!

Reverse Trick-or-Treating gives thousands of schoolchildren (& high school/college students, and adults) the opportunity to treat neighbors with Fair Trade chocolate while educating their communities about how they can help end poverty and the human rights, child labor, and environmental abuse that is pervasive in the cocoa industry.

The Fair Trade chocolate is attached to a card with information unmasking social and environmental problems in the cocoa industry, and how buying Fair Trade certified chocolate provides a solution.

See how much fun you’ll have by watching the Reverse Trick-or-Treating video or reading our 2009 media.

Reverse Trick-or-Treating kits are distributed FREE to individuals and at a DISCOUNTED WHOLESALE PRICE to organizations,
thanks to the generous donations of Fair Trade chocolate companies Equal Exchange, Sweet Earth, and Coco-Zen. (Participants pay the cost of postage.)

Place your request today…we always run out long before the deadline!


Individuals (one group of Trick-or-Treaters):
Dates to request kits: September 1 – October 8 (unless supplies run out sooner)
Price: FREE + shipping costs (kit includes 15 cards/chocolates)

Organizations (schools, congregations, youth groups, etc organizing multiple groups of Trick-or-Treaters)
Dates to request kits: October 1 -October 8 (unless supplies run out sooner)
Price: $24 per box of 150 cards/chocolates (maximum 2 boxes per organization) + shipping costs.

Organizations: Please note that when you place your order you must use the coupon code ‘GLOBALEXCHANGE’ for the discounted wholesale price.

Request a kit/more information available at: www.reversetrickortreating.org

This year, make an even bigger difference for cocoa growing communities. Child and forced labor, poverty, and environmental degradation in the cocoa industry will not end unless EACH ONE OF US takes action!

1. Distribute Reverse Trick-or-Treating flyers on Halloween, whether or not you request a kit. Pdf available at www.reversetrickortreating.org.

2. Help challenge Hershey to Raise the Bar! Distribute flyers/petitions as part of the campaign asking Hershey to go Fair Trade and end child and forced labor in the cocoa industry. Pdf available at www.globalexchange.org/cocoa.

3. We are calling on every household to distribute Fair Trade certified chocolate minis to trick-or-treaters who visit your household. To purchase, please visit www.globalexchangestore.org

4. Organize a showing of The Dark Side of Chocolate at your home, school, congregation, etc during Halloween week
. This important new documentary reveals that the nightmare of child labor, trafficking, and slavery is continuing in the cocoa fields. Screening toolkit includes petition for viewers to sign asking Hershey to end child labor/slavery and go Fair Trade. More information available at www.globalexchange.org/cocoa.

Reverse Trick-or-Treating is an initiative launched by the human rights organization Global Exchange in cooperation with Fair Trade company Equal Exchange and is a collaborative effort of countless children, youth, and adults supported by institutions including nonprofit organizations, faith-based organizations, Fair Trade companies, and schools.

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