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Video: Chocolate and Child Labor (Slavery)

A couple of couple of videos on chocolate and child labor.

Help spread the word on Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate!

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New Planet Friendlier Packaging Debuts

In our ongoing efforts to operate a “green” business, we’re constantly looking for new ways to make our packaging as planet friendly as possible. Well, we are excited to announce that our new “greener” labels and bags have finally debuted.

New Label Sleeves
While our tins have always been recyclable, we realized that our sticker labels may not be very planet friendly. Since the stickers are not easily removable, they can’t be recycled with other paper recyclable. So, we’ve redesigned the labels for our Truffles-To-Go, Everyday Truffles and Party Favors into removable paper “sleeves” that are printed on 100% recycled paper, using soy based inks. Now both tin and label can be completely recycled separately.

New Cellulose Bags
We have replaced the plastic bag in our Everyday Truffles tin with a new cellulose bag. Cellulose is the primary component of plant cell walls – completely natural and nontoxic, can be composted, is 100% biodegradable — and can also be recycled with other PAPER products (provided they are cleaned of all food particles).

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Highlights from Al Gore’s speech in Washington, DC on global warming.

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Website Update: New "Planet & People" pages

Hey all you Planet & People supporters!

We’ve recently updated our “Planet & People” page to become several new pages – almost it’s own mini website. In building Coco-Zen, we’ve stumbled across quite a bit of information on being planet & people friendly and thought we’d share it with everyone. On our new “Planet & People” pages, you’ll find information on cocoa farming, Fair Trade, why we use tins, and recycling. There’s also a resources & links page where you can find more in depth information on these subjects, as well as green businesses we support.

Hope you’ll come check it out!

If any of you have any planet & people friendly information that you would like to share, please email us at info@Coco-Zen.com, or simply respond to this post.

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